When Reality Beats the Movies

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Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF) organizes a movie projection at the former site of the film deposit in Cluj-Napoca.<br />
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Four children and their parents live in the former film deposits of the state company - Romania Film in Cluj-Napoca. They have nothing, no electricity, no current water, no heating, they live and search all day long for various other realities, the ones in the movies. <br />
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They have never been to a real cinema, yet they know about Florin Piersic (one of the well known Romanian actors), Chuck Norris or Hollywood. Playing in the abandoned warehouse, they find, each day, new movie rolls, which are read to them by Emanuel, the eldest brother and the only one who goes to school. <br />
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The plan is to rebuild the place, a unique and new film museum, but where Florin Piersic, Chuck Norris and other heroes for these children will be nicely arranged behind clean and untouchable glass. Then, all these wil make them leave and search for a new place to dream of greater realities.