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Blaj/Romania. 2 June 2019.<br />
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Tens of thousands of Romanians travelled from all over the country to greet Pope Francis in Blaj, Alba county. Pope Francis beatified, during the open-air Sunday mass, seven martyred Romanian catholic bishops who died during the Communist regime after refusing to renounce at their catholic faith. They died in communist jails, labour camps or after release, as a result of the harsh conditions.<br />
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Pope Francis said: “With great courage and interior fortitude, they accepted harsh imprisonment and every kind of mistreatment, in order not to deny their fidelity to their beloved church. They endured suffering and gave their lives to oppose an illiberal ideological system that oppressed the fundamental rights of the human person.”<br />
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Pope Francis, who traveled by car from the Sibiu airport to Blaj, said he was enchanted by the Romanian landscape. Pope Francis went on a three-day pilgrimage to Romanian important Catholic centers.