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Saint Peter is one of the few and most important holidays for the remaining Saxons in Transylvania. Since 1990 the Saxon community of Transylvania has dwindled and now faces a struggle for survival (The Plight of the Saxons of Transylvania - William Blacker). Malancrav is one of the few villages where the community still contains about 150 Saxons. The Saint Peter holiday is an opportunity for Saxons all over the world to gather in the area where they once lived. A world which still lives close to the past; where culture, tradition and life mix for the Roma, Romanian and Saxon residents, who are at home in these villages. Since 2000 Mihai Eminescu Trust, patroned by Prince Charles funds the restoration of the Saxon villages in Transylvania and supports the peacefull living between the gipsy community, the Romanians and the Saxons. The fortified churches of the Saxon villages in Transylvania are on the Unesco World Heritage list.